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OGDCL-HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program are open apply now. Higher Education Commission in partnership with Oil & Gas Development Company limited (OGDCL) offers scholarships for destitute students to study undergraduate and graduate courses in Engineering, Business administration, Law, Archaeology, Defense and Strategic studies, Gender studies, History, Sociology, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Electronics, Physics, Math, IT, and Pak Studies. The program is consistent with the HEC’s goals to support financially deserving students, widen access to quality education, and encourage academic interest in fields that are vital to Pakistan’s Economic Development. The program has specially been designed to benefit the students belonging from OGDCL’s operational/concessional districts.

List of Partner Universities/institutions

OGDCL-HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program BRIEF HISTORY:

The OGDCL-HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program is focused on providing opportunities for access to higher education, especially to destitute candidates belonging to underprivileged background from operational & concessional areas of OGDCL who, despite possessing academic merit, are unable to finance their education. The scholarship covers tuition fee, lodging and boarding.

The OGDCL management has approved the program at a total cost of Rs.141 million in its meeting held on 21st December 2016. The Project is funded by Oil and Gas Development Company limited as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

In first year of the program, total number of students as beneficiaries are 130.

OGDCL-HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program OBJECTIVES:

To enable the academically qualified and financially needy students of operational & concessional areas of OGDCL to pursue higher education at selected public sectors universities of Pakistan in the fields of Engineering, Business administration, Law, Archaeology, Defense and Strategic studies, Gender studies, History, Sociology, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Electronics, Physics, Math, IT, and Pak Studies. Offered discipline among proposed disciplines may vary in each semester as per OGDCL management decision.

OGDCLNeed Based Scholarship Program for QAU through HEC

OGDCLNeed Based Scholarship Program for Engineering Universities through HEC

OGDCLNeed Based Scholarship Program for IIUI through HEC 


The applicant must be a Pakistani belonging to operational & concessional districts of Oil & Gas Development Company limited.

Financial assistance & scholarships are available for study at undergraduate & graduate level in the prescribed disciplines at the selected 9 Pakistani universities

List of Operational/Concessional Districts


  • All scholarships in Quaid-e-Azam University are offered for 02 years Masters’ Programs only.
  • All scholarships in International Islamic University Islamabad are offered for Bachelors only.
  • All scholarships in Engineering disciplines in various universities are offered for Bachelors only.
  • Male and female students have an equal chance of getting selected, students from both gender are highly appreciated to apply. This allocation is especially for those students coming from remote and vulnerable areas of OGDCL Operations / Concessions of Pakistan, who are financially needy and meet admission criteria of the selected 9 partner universities/ degree awarding institutions.

Students need to compete for securing admission in the approved disciplines at the participating institutions as per admission policy of the institution and be enrolled in Undergraduate (3 and 4 years) and Graduate (2 Years) programs

Only those students who are enrolled in first semester/professional year in the respective courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply.

The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness, as determined by the financial background of his/her family.

HOW TO APPLY for OGDCL-HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program

The deserving students can apply online for OGDCL Need Based Scholarships through HEC by download Application Form

After submission of Online application, Save and print. The printed Scholarship Form will be submitted along with supporting documents to the Financial Aid Office of university/institution for which online application is submitted.

Students need to get admission in any one of the approved disciplines (Engineering, Business Administration, Social Sciences and Law) at the participating Universities/Institutions as per their admission criteria.

Please note that partial scholarship for already enrolled students is not covered under this program.

OGDCL-HEC Need-Based Scholarship Program FINANCIAL SUPPORT

Comprehensive scholarship offered under this program provides funds for the following expenses:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Lodging (where applicable)

However both tuition fee and lodging amount varies from university to university (area to area) as per actual costs.

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