HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students-Apply NOW

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students
HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students are announced apply now. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) invites foreign citizens who are interested in studying for a specialization, master’s degree or doctorate, conducting graduate or postdoctoral research, or taking part in an undergraduate or graduate-level academic mobility program. The scholarships are offered to more than 180 countries through a series of bilateral conventions, multilateral programs and special agreements. More than 70 Mexican institutions participate and all offer academic programs registered with the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) as National Quality Graduate Programs. These programs demonstrate the progress made by Mexico in the sciences and humanities.

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students Requirements for all applicants:

  • Bachelors, Master’s or Ph.D. degree, as required by the program for which the scholarship is requested.
  • Minimum grade point average of eight (8.0) on a scale of 0 to 10, or the equivalent, for the last academic degree received.
  • Be accepted to or currently enrolled in a program at one of the participating Mexican institutions.

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students Required Documents

The applicant must submit the documents in the following order:

  • Official nomination of his/her government.
  • Application form.
  • An explanation of why the applicant is interested in studying or conducting research in Mexico.
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum of 3 pages).
  • Acceptance letter from the Mexican host institution, signed by the responsible party (Director of the International Affairs Office, Director of Academic Exchanges, Head of the Graduate Studies Department, Graduate Studies Coordinator, etc.), stating the length of the studies with the start and end dates and the type of studies.
  • For research, the acceptance letter should also state that the candidate will receive the mentoring needed for the research project and, if possible, the name of the advisor.
  • Coy of the diploma for the highest degree received.
  • Copy of the transcript for the last degree received showing a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 8/10. If a different scale is used, the equivalent on a 10-pointscale must be submitted.
  • For mobility scholarships, a letter from the applicant’s institution agreeing to give academic credit for the classes or course of study that will be taken in Mexico.
  • For research grants, a copy of the academic document showing the applicant has finished or is currently enrolled in a Master’s or doctoral program.
  • Candidates already in Mexico must have a current immigration document, with a temporary Resident Student Visa (card).
  • If Spanish is not the applicant’s native language, include certificate of an advanced level of proficiency in Spanish from a university or language center.
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of passport.
  • Medical certificate of good health in the original issued by a public or private institution no more than three months prior to submitting the documents. Independent health certificates will not be accepted.
    Recent original photographs (not digital), full face on a white background, 3cm x 3cm , with name and nationality noted on the back.

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students BENEFITS

  • Monthly stipend of 4 times the minimum salary in Mexico City for undergraduate mobility scholarships, specializations, master’s degrees or master’s-level research
  • Spanish language or Mexican culture courses, currently the equivalent of $8,412.00 pesos (approximately US $546.234).
  • Monthly stipend of 5 times the minimum salary in Mexico City for doctoral studies and research, postdoctoral fellowships and medical specializations and sub specializations, currently the equivalent of $10,515.00 pesos (approximately US$ 681.90).
  • Registration fees and tuition, as established by the program at each institution (see the academic programs offered by the participating IES).
  • Health insurance from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), starting in the third month of the scholarship ( the scholarship recipient must have health insurance that covers both major and minor medical expenses and provides international coverage for the first three months in Mexico).
  • Round-trip international airfare at the beginning and end of the scholarship.
  • Transportation from Mexico City to the host institution and back at the start and end of the scholarship, if studying outside of Mexico City.
    For further details please visit:


HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students APPLICATION PROCEDURE


List of eligible institutions, academic programs and other details can be found at
List of Institutions and Academic Programs

Expenses Not Covered by the Scholarship

  • Academic costs (registration and tuition) if not waived by the academic institution or authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Laboratory fees, workshops, language courses or other academic activities that are part of the academic program and are not waived by the academic institution.
  • Fees for transferring academic credits and course revalidation.
  • Cost of printing the thesis.
  • Fees for obtaining the diploma and/or certificate.
  • Registration in the National Registry of Foreign Citizens
  • Any other expense not mentioned above.

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students Application Procedure

  1. Download Mexican Scholarship application form from here. www.gob.mx//amexid/acciones-y-programas/becas-para-extranjeros-29785
  2. Apply online at HEC website: http://eportal.hec.gov.pk/loa . After registering and filling your profile, please select “Learning Opportunities Abroad” under “Scholarship and Grant” menu in left hand side panel of the online portal. After submission of the application, get its printed copy to be signed & stamped by employer (if employed already). Attach deposit slip of Rs. 300/- (in original) through HEC online Account No. 17427900133401 in HBL, Shalimar Recording Company Branch, H-9, Islamabad (no other documents to be attached with HEC application form except a deposit slip). All payments are to be made to HEC through HBL online facility. This facility is available in all branches of Habib Bank Ltd.

HEC Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students Documents Details:

Please send two sets of Mexican application form along with following documents:

  1. Statement of purpose explaining their interests in the study
  2. Attested copies of all Academic Degrees & Transcripts
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Copies of all mandatory documents as mentioned in Mexican application form

The above documents must be in proper binding and one copy of HEC application form with bank deposit slip (in original) separately to be sent on or before the deadline 22 September, 2016 on the address given below:


  • All nominations from Pakistan will be routed via HEC.
  • No Application documents mentioned above will be returned whether the application is successful or not.
  • HEC will shortlist eligible applicants on the basis of selection criteria defined by donor country, highest academic merit, provincial/regional quota and the number of scholarship slots allocated for Pakistani students by Mexico.
  • Incomplete applications or applications received after due date will NOT be accepted. The recommendation of nominating agency i.e. HEC will be final and binding.
  • Please note that HEC has facilitation role in nomination process, as final selection will be made by the donor country. Further, HEC will have no financial liability regarding this scholarship.


For further queries please visit the below mentioned website for more information.

Contact Details:
Deputy Director HRD
HRD Division, Higher Education Commission
Sector H-9, Islamabad.
E-mail: [email protected]


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