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HEC Degree Attestation FAQ’s


  1. What kinds of documents are required for attestation of degrees/transcripts awarded by the HEC recognized universities and Degree Awarding Institutions?


  • All original documents from Matric onwards along with transcripts of degrees and copy of ID Card/Passport along with the print out of online application form.


  1. Does the HEC attest Matric and Intermediate Certificates?


  • No, Matric and Intermediate Certificates are attested by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).


  1. Do the degrees need verification of university before submission to the HEC for attestation?


  • No, the degrees do not need verification from the university, for HEC attestation.


  1. Does the HEC attest laminated degrees?


  • No, laminated degrees cannot be attested. Before submission of degrees for attestation, these are required to be delaminated.


  1. Does the HEC attest transcripts for incomplete studies?


  • Yes, Transcripts for incomplete studies signed by the Controller of Exams of the respective university are attested.


  1. Is it necessary for the applicant to come in person for attestation?


  • No, it is not necessary for the degree holder to come in person. He/she can get degrees attested through authorized person by giving authority letter or by OCS Courier Service.


  1. How much time does HEC take for attestation of documents?


  • Degrees / transcripts if presented in person are attested on the same day. However, through OCS, it takes ten to fifteen working days.


  1. Does the HEC attest foreign degrees?


  • No, foreign degrees are not attested by the HEC. However, the HEC determines their equivalence and the HEC Equivalence letter is attested if requested by the applicant.


  1. Does the HEC attest “Bonafide Student Certificates” or “To Whom It May Concern” certificates issued by the universities?


  • No, “Bonafide Student Certificates” or “To Whom It May Concern” certificates are not attested by the HEC.


  1. Do the Regional Centers of the HEC at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta attest degrees?


  • Yes, degrees are attested at the HEC Regional Centers at Lahore and Peshawar.


  1. How is passport number entered in the online application form?


  • Enter only digits part of passport e.g. 783296.


  1. Does the HEC collect documents for Australian High Commission?


  • Yes, the HEC attested documents can be deposited in the HEC with the letter of Australian High Commission. Two sets of photocopies of all documents may be attached with the documents. The representative of Australian High Commission visits the HEC once in two months to collect documents.


  1. Does the HEC seal documents for World Education Service (WES) USA & Canada?


  • Yes, the HEC attested documents are sealed for WES on the request of applicants.


  1. How can I fill Attestation form for the attestation of Equivalence Certificates issued by HEC?


  • Write Higher Education Commission from the list of universities provided in the online form and select Pakistan from the list of countries.


  1. If I get stuck on step 2 of online application form, what should I do?


  • Don’t write anything by yourself in the online application form, otherwise the application software will not allow for moving on step 3 of application form. Remove any data written by you and select from the drop down menu available there.


  1. What if I want to get attestation earlier from the time slot given by the attestation system?


  • Select any mode for attestation provided on Timings.


  1. What if I don’t get the required program of my degree while filling the online application form?


  • Don’t write it by yourself. Select the one which is the most appropriate for your degree program or email at [email protected]


  1. I have wrongly entered my educational details. What should I do for its modification?


  • Email the scanned copies of your educational documents at [email protected] for the required modification.


  1. I got objection from my concerned embassy regarding attestation through HEC. What should I do?


  • Visit HEC personally for post attestation correction along with all necessary documents.


  1. I have lost my attested degree from HEC. What should I do for the attestation of my duplicate degree?


  • Provide original FIR along with the newspaper cutting showing the announcement of lost degree for the attestation of duplicate degree and visit HEC ISB office.


  1. I have revised my already attested degree from HEC. What should I do for the attestation of my duplicate/revised degree?


  • Applicant has to provide/submit the original HEC Attestation Ticket pasted on the already attested degree at HEC ISB office along with all the necessary documents as mentioned at the Pre-Requisites.

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